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Located near the village of Kirmington in North Lincolnshire, Humberside Airport is a small international airport serving the continent as well as offshore gas/drilling operations.

We provide taxi services to and from Humberside Airport at reasonable rates with professional and courteous drivers - all booked online from the comfort of your armchair.

Enter your pickup or Destination into the 30-Second Quote tool above and receive an instant quotation for your trip to or from Humberside - if you have any further questions, please contact us.


Live Flight Details

Humberside Airport

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Scheduled Flight No. Arriving From Status Terminal
09:00, 14th Dec CHC46X ENSIGN
10:10, 14th Dec KL1489 AMSTERDAM
10:45, 14th Dec CHC48A ENDEAVOUR
10:45, 14th Dec CHC57A BREAGH ALPHA
12:30, 14th Dec CHC46A CENTRICA ROUGH 3B
13:05, 14th Dec CHC48B ENDEAVOUR
15:45, 14th Dec BE7643 ABERDEEN
16:40, 14th Dec KL1497 AMSTERDAM
17:45, 14th Dec CHC57B BREAGH ALPHA
17:45, 14th Dec CHC46Y NORWICH
19:55, 14th Dec BE7645 ABERDEEN
21:15, 14th Dec KL1493 AMSTERDAM
Scheduled Flight No. Destination Status Terminal
06:10, 14th Dec KL1482 AMSTERDAM Departed 0615
07:30, 14th Dec CHC6X ENSIGN
08:10, 14th Dec TCX1318 FINLAND Check In Desk 2, 3
09:00, 14th Dec CHC48A ENDEAVOUR
09:15, 14th Dec CHC57A BREAGH ALPHA
10:40, 14th Dec KL1490 AMSTERDAM
11:15, 14th Dec CHC48B EVOLUTION
11:30, 14th Dec CHC46A CENTRICA ROUGH 3B
11:45, 14th Dec BE7642 ABERDEEN
15:00, 14th Dec CHC46Y ENSIGN
16:15, 14th Dec CHC57B BREAGH ALPHA
16:30, 14th Dec BE7644 ABERDEEN

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